21 ways to make moving house so much easier

Here are the best ways to make your next house move speedy, simple and streamlined.

1. Pack yourself an overnight bag with a change of clothes, pyjamas, a few pairs of undies and your toiletries. On that first night, it could be hard to find the essentials among everything else.

2. Pack a box of snacks for you and your helpful movers. Include your kettle, some coffee and tea, and other cold drinks. No electricity yet? Bring an esky.

3. Pack of box of moving essentials (and make sure it’s clearly labelled). Chances are you’ll need stuff like paper towels, garbage bags, scissors, phone chargers, Spray’n’Wipe, toilet paper, screwdrivers and Allan keys – and who wants to be looking in a bazillion different boxes for them?

4. Pack your clothes with your kitchenware – or anything breakable, actually. Socks go into wine glasses. Jumpers go around plates. T-shirts between bowls. And so on.

5. Label boxes by room – this way, no matter who unpacks them, the boxes will go to the right place.

6. Label boxes on the side, not the top. Because, you know, the top might end up being the bottom. And that’s just annoying.

7. Another word on boxes: using a box cutter, make holes in the sides. Lifting just got a helluva lot easier.

8. Keep some Ziploc bags on hand for small items like screws. This is especially handy when you’re dismantling furniture.

9. Before dismantling your electronics, take a photo of how the cords are arranged, to make it easier to put them back together on the other side.

10. Slide clothes on hangers directly into garbage bags, then tie an elastic band around the hangers to keep them all together. Genius.

11. Speaking of garbage bags, if you’re using them to move stuff, ensure they’re properly labelled. You don’t want anyone accidentally throwing them in the actual garbage bin.

12. Moving = opening and shutting the door constantly. Avoid being locked out by looping a rubber band over the doorknob, then crossing it over the doorknob on the other side of the door. The door can still shut, but the lock will be blocked.

13. Moving your computer? Do a back-up of your files first. You never know.

14. When you get to your new home, unpack the bedrooms first, then the kitchen (and then the bathroom). In the bedrooms, unpack clothing into closets first to cut down on clutter.

15. Purge pre-move. There’s no use moving things you don’t actually want, so ensure you do a proper cull of your entire home before you pack.

16. Get your new home smelling delicious by simmering a pot of water on the stove, filled with cut lemons and vanilla pods slit down the middle. Open all the windows (if weather permits) and air it all out.

17. Pack your wine glasses – and wine! – in wine cases. Grab some from your local bottle shop.

18. Egg cartons allow you to store jewellery safely – just make sure you tape them up completely before moving.

19. Keep all liquids separate to avoid messy disasters en route.

20. Finally, don’t clean as you go (in the old house, that is). As long as you’re still there, there’ll be more mess. Leave it to the very end, and if possible, pay someone else to clean it!

21. At the end of the day, make sure there’s enough wine and pizza for everyone who’s helped. And a long hot shower for you.


Source: insideout.com.au

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