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Buying your first home has always been one of the highlights of many people’s lives.  It’s something that they’ve dreamed about and had to make sacrifices for to make it a reality. The thing is buying your first home is often imbued with emotion, which is understandable, but it’s not
Not all renovations are created equal; some will send a property’s value sky-rocketing, while others can actually slash it. That means one of the secrets to ensuring a property flip doesn’t flop is knowing which renovation will add value – and importantly, which won’t. Renovation guru, Renovating for Profit’s  Cherie Barber,
When viewing the upkeep of your rental property, keep your perspective not only from the business side, but also from the tenants. Regular maintenance and management of your property will help prevent damage and decrease the likelihood of missed income in between tenants. Through tenant’s eyes Prospective tenants viewing a
A beautiful, renovated house that creates an emotional connection with buyers can help you secure the best price. On the other hand, a half-finished renovation put on hold because of a lack of funds will be depressing to live in, and will hurt a home’s chance of selling for top
Spring has arrived. With the warming temperatures comes the perfect time to complete a few simple property maintenance checks. Check the Air Conditioning Test the air conditioner — before the weather gets hot — to make sure it’s cooling and working properly. Keep the outside air conditioning unit free from