Spring Maintenance Tips for Tenants

Spring has arrived. With the warming temperatures comes the perfect time to complete a few simple property maintenance checks.

Check the Air Conditioning

  • Test the air conditioner — before the weather gets hot — to make sure it’s cooling and working properly.
  • Keep the outside air conditioning unit free from obstruction and debris.

Clean the Exterior (if applicable)

  • Clean gutters and keep them free of debris to prevent water from entering the house during rainy downpours. Ensure all water is flowing away from the house.
  • Mow the grass and trim shrubs regularly. This will promote stronger grass, even growing and a great looking lawn.
  • Frequent watering when the weather is hot and dry will help prevent scorching and brown spots from cropping up in the lawn.

Inspect Windows & Doors

  • Examine storm windows and doors for their condition, overall operation and fit and functionality of the hardware.
  • When you’re away from the house, keep windows closed and latched to prevent water intrusion and damage.

Test Smoke Detectors

  • Clean all detectors. Dust and contaminants can interfere with a smoke alarm’s ability to detect smoke.
  • Test all smoke detectors to ensure the battery and alarm sounder are operating.

In addition, spring is the time to take stock of other problems that developed during the winter and make repairs before the summer sun and temperatures make them worse.

At Property Boutique we inspect our rental properties regularly to look for safety concerns, property maintenance items and preservation opportunities. We’ll actively work with our owners, tenants, contractors to add another layer of protection for your home.